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Pioneer DJM-S11 2-Channel 4-DECK DJ Battle Mixer DECK MOVE

Pioneer DJM-S11 2-Channel 4-DECK DJ Battle Mixer DECK MOVE

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The successor to the DJM-S9, a longtime favorite of battle DJs, this model features a new 4.3-inch color touch display and a host of features for even greater performance freedom, including the industry's first SMOOTH ECHO function and other built-in effects.
Despite being a 2-channel DJ mixer, the DECK 3/4 control function allows the user to handle up to four songs or samples simultaneously, allowing for a variety of mash-up performances without touching the PC/Mac, and only using the touch display.
Various other improvements have also been made, including the use of the durable MAGVEL FADER PRO crossfader and a larger PERFORMANCE PAD. In addition, the use of a high-quality D/A converter enables high-quality sound reproduction on the same level as that of the DJM-900NXS2.
The Serato DJ Pro Expansion Pack is included in the package and can be used in the Serato DJ / rekordbox environment without the need to purchase additional DJ software.

■High frame rate 4.3-inch touch display
The DJM-S11 provides all the information you need on a customizable 4.3" touch display.

Switching to the TOUCH FX screen expands the range of your performance, allowing you to operate effects using the touch display while finger drumming with the PERFORMANCE PAD in your other hand. In addition, the FX SETTING screen stores effect types and parameter settings in four FX BANKs for instant recall in various situations, such as during DJ battles and song mashups.

New Functions and Improvements over the DJM-S9
To further enliven the audience, the DJM-S9 is equipped with a number of new features that greatly enhance DJ play as well as the appearance of the DJM-S9. The industry's first DECK 3/4 control function enables simultaneous playback of up to four tracks, and additional decks can be displayed on the touch display for a variety of operations. In addition, the industry's first SMOOTH ECHO is a revolutionary new feature that automatically activates a customizable echo in conjunction with the DJ's movements. Compared to its predecessor, the DJM-S9, the PERFORMANCE PAD has been enlarged for easier operation, and the MAGVEL FADER PRO has been further improved for greater stability during scratch performances.

SMOOTH ECHO, the industry's first automatic echo triggered by fader/pad operation
When SMOOTH ECHO is activated, the fader/pad triggers an automatic echo. This new feature enables smooth mixing during scratching performances and finger drumming, which was previously difficult.

The industry's first DECK3/4 control that allows up to 4-track mashup performance with a 2-channel DJ mixer
The DECK 3/4 control function is the first of its kind in the industry, allowing up to four tracks or samples to be handled simultaneously on a 2-channel DJ mixer, allowing a variety of mashup performances without having to touch the PC/Mac, just by operating the touch display.

When using Serato DJ Pro, two more new functions can be utilized for smooth mashup performance like never before. The industry's first DECK MOVE function allows you to move tracks from Deck 1 to Deck 4 or Deck 2 to Deck 3 without interrupting the song playing. The DUAL DECK control function allows you to control two decks simultaneously by operating the faders and pads. This allows for more creative DJ performances.

New features of the larger PERFORMANCE PAD and SERATO DJ PRO
The PERFORMANCE PAD is larger, measuring 26 mm (W) x 22 mm (H), and offers improved operability compared to its predecessor, the DJM-S9. In addition, users of Serato DJ Pro can take advantage of the new features of the PERFORMANCE PAD. With the new SCRATCH BANK function, you can instantly recall scratch samples assigned in Serato for a scratch performance simply by operating the pad. No need to browse via touch display or PC/Mac. Another new feature, COMBO PAD mode, can be enabled to use two different pad modes on each deck simultaneously (e.g., upper HOT CUE x lower SAMPLER), eliminating the need to switch pad modes and combining them with more functions.

-Improved MAGVEL FADER PRO that can withstand intense scratching.
The DJM-S9's well-received crossfader has been further improved in this model: the vertical rigidity of the fader knob mounting axis has been increased by 30% to make the MAGVEL FADER PRO easier to operate, and a durable coating around the crossfader has been applied to the top The crossfader area is coated with a highly durable paint to reduce wear and tear on the top panel, ensuring a long life of use.

A wealth of built-in effects, including a new BEAT FX that adds arrangement to songs
In addition to the 15 BEAT FX on the DJM-S9, 7 new effects such as FADER PITCH and HELIX have been added. In addition to being able to change and save effect settings to your favorite parameters on the screen at hand, you can also instantly recall effects saved in the four FX BANKs in various situations. In addition to the effects built into the mixer, up to 6 more effects can be used simultaneously from the DJ software, allowing for a wide variety of musical expression.

Plug & Play compatibility with Serato DJ PRO and Rekordbox and new mapping function
This unit can be used with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox free of charge, and DJ play can be started immediately by connecting the unit directly to a PC/Mac. By activating the included "Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion Pack", you can use functions such as KEY SHIFT and KEY SYNC with high sound quality. In addition, the advanced MIDI mapping function allows you to freely assign functions within Serato DJ Pro to all buttons and knobs. This enables unique performances not possible with the DJM-S9.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 267 x 452.2 x 107.9 mm (W x D x H)
Weight :5.2 kg
Power cord
USB cable
Fader cushion A x 4
Fader cushion B × 2
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