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ROLAND Digital Wind Synthesizer Aerophone AE-20W White New in Box

ROLAND Digital Wind Synthesizer Aerophone AE-20W White New in Box

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ROLAND Digital Wind Synthesizer Aerophone AE-20W White New in Box


Brand New

Streamlined design with rich expressiveness.
A new standard for Aerophones.

The Aerophone AE-20 inherits the playability and expressiveness of the flagship Aerophone Pro, but is a more compact and casual standard model. It is an innovative digital wind instrument featuring a rich and expressive sound that is the result of meticulous attention to detail. It is a unit that invites you on a musical journey, making wind instruments more accessible and creative.

■A new standard for aerophones
The Aerophone AE-20 is a digital wind instrument created in collaboration with leading wind synthesizer artists, offering uncompromising musical expression. Inheriting the sound and expressiveness of the flagship Aerophone Pro model, the Aerophone AE-20 condenses the appeal of the Aerophone into a compact size. It features realistic sound, high operability, a key touch that reflects players' opinions, excellent playability, and a design that allows you to take it anywhere.

■Various instrument sounds at your fingertips
The Aerophone AE-20 can produce a wide variety of instrumental sounds as soon as you pick it up. From woodwind, brass, and string instruments to the latest synthesizer sounds, you can play realistic, good-sounding performances by blowing in a single tone switch. It can be used for all styles of music.

■SuperNATURAL Acoustic
The Aerophone AE-20 puts the world of authentic acoustic instrument sounds right in your hands. In addition to soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, you can instantly blow the sounds of woodwind/brass instruments such as flute, clarinet, and trumpet. String instruments such as violin and cello, and ethnic instruments such as erhu, shakuhachi, and bagpipes are also built in, and SuperNATURAL technology allows for realistic dynamics, articulation, and even overtone resonance while controlling the most subtle nuances.

The World of ■ZEN-Core
The ZEN-Core Synthesis System, the advanced sound engine found in synthesizers such as FANTOM and JUPITER-X, is employed. Its versatility is further expanded. From traditional analog synthesizers to modern digital synthesizers, you can enjoy carefully selected tones that take advantage of the articulation and wide dynamic range unique to wind instruments.

■Let the music take over
One of the features of the Aerophone is the bite/breath sensor in the mouthpiece, which resembles a woodwind instrument reed. The sensor can be customized to a delicate sensitivity, so you can enjoy natural pitch control and vibrato. You can also choose from saxophone, recorder, clarinet, flute, etc., and register your favorite fingering. The Aerophone can be transposed to match the instrument at the touch of a button, and can play up to 7 octaves, which is more than the range of a conventional acoustic instrument. Expand your musical horizons with the Aerophone, which can cover all musical styles.

Music anywhere, anytime.
The Aerophone is an instrument that can be used in a variety of musical situations. You can play through the built-in speakers or practice with headphones while being mindful of your surroundings. USB MIDI support makes the Aerophone a powerful controller for music production using your favorite apps.

Practicing is fun, too!
The free original "Aerophone Lesson" application allows even beginners with no wind instrument experience to try playing the aerophone right away. Watch tutorial videos to learn everything from how to hold the aerophone to how to hold the mouthpiece. The Bluetooth audio function allows you to play music from your mobile device on your aerophone. You can enjoy playing along with your favorite music, play along with online lesson videos, and have fun practicing.

Personalize your instrument
Aerophone Pro Editor" is another free original application for the Aerophone AE-20. It allows you to deeply customize your sound and performance, maximizing the potential of the Aerophone. Create original tones and layered sounds, register them as scenes, and recall them with a single touch. You can also assign various parameters for deeper expression, and save groups of tone scenes to mobile devices or your favorite storage devices.

More possibilities with Roland Cloud
Take your Aerophone to the next level with Roland Cloud. Download sound packs created by wind instrument experts, or enjoy songwriting with Zenbeats and Zentracker apps. Roland Cloud offers many tools to expand your musical horizons.
Key layout
Saxophone compatible key layout

Sound Source
SuperNATURAL Acoustic

Number of Parts
4 parts (1 drum part)

Preset Memory
Preset Scenes: 265 (Ver. 1.01)

User memory
User scenes: 600
Favourite scenes: 12


Breath Sensor
Byte Sensor
Performance Keys
Octave keys
Thumb Lever
S1/S2 button
SCENE button
MENU button

Standard Ver 4.2
Supported profiles: A2DP (audio), GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)
Supported codec: SBC (SCMS-T content protection supported)

OLED display 128 x 32 dots

PHONES jack (stereo mini type)
OUTPUT jack (stereo standard type)
DC IN terminal

■Memory Media
USB memory (USB Type-C, sold separately)

■Speaker/amplifier output
1.5W x 2

2.8cm x 2

Power supply
AC adapter (DC 5.7V)
Ni-MH battery AA type (sold separately) x 6

Current consumption

Battery life in continuous use (varies depending on usage conditions)
Ni-MH batteries: Approx. 6 hours (when using 1,900mAh capacity)
Manganese and alkaline batteries cannot be used.

Instruction manual
Safety Precautions" leaflet
Warranty card
AC adapter
Mouthpiece cap
Neck Strap
USB cable (USB Type-C to Type A)
Thumb hook covers (2 types)
Water protector
Dedicated hand carry bag

Optional accessories
Replacement mouthpiece (OP-AE05MPH)

Width: 133 mm
Depth: 84 mm
Height: 632 mm

Weight (including batteries)
1,100 g

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