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Roland FR-4X BK V-Accordion Digital Accordion Piano Keyboard Type Black w/bag

Roland FR-4X BK V-Accordion Digital Accordion Piano Keyboard Type Black w/bag

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A button keyboard type V accordion. It has a wide variety of built-in tones, including accordion sets, orchestra tones, organ tones, and drum sets. Equipped with a main speaker and tweeter, it delivers powerful sound. It is a medium-sized, lightweight, easy-to-use 37-key right-hand instrument.

■Right hand keyboard: 37 keys (with velocity)

■Left hand button: 120 bass button (with velocity)

[Bellows] Air pressure detection by high-sensitivity sensor, bellows adjustment knob

[Sound source] PBM sound source *PBM= Physical Behavior Modeling

■Maximum polyphony: 128 notes

■User program: 98:7 user program bank x 14 register buttons

■Number of tones (per set): Right hand register/button: Accordion tone = 14, Orchestra tone = 14, Organ tone = 14

Left hand register button: Bass & chord tone = 7, free bass tone = 7, orchestra bass tone = 7, orchestra chord tone = 7, orchestra free bass tone = 7

■Lead footage: Right hand lead = 7, Bass lead = 5, Chord lead = 3, Free bass lead = 2

[Musette Tuning] Micro Tuning Preset = 16 types

[Effects] Reverb: 8 types, chorus: 8 types, organ tone rotary effect (Slow/Fast)


■Connection terminals: Output terminal (L/Mono, R/Mono) (standard type), Headphone terminal (stereo standard type), Input terminal (stereo mini type), MIDI terminal (IN or OUT), USB MEMORY terminal, USB COMPUTER terminal (USB Hi-Speed MIDI compatible) (*Please use the computer's USB terminal and USB cable that are compatible with Hi-Speed USB.), DC IN terminal

■Power supply:・AC adapter

・Batteries (10 AA type nickel metal hydride batteries: sold separately)

*Battery life during continuous use: 5 hours with speaker on, 9 hours with speaker off

■External dimensions: 481 (W) x 270 (D) x 430 (H) mm

■Mass: 8.9kg (excluding strap and battery)

[Accessories] Dedicated AC adapter, instruction manual, reference cap for bass buttons, accordion cloth, strap, dedicated soft bag (BAG-FR-3)

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