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Roland SP-404MK2 MKII Creative Effector Sampler LINEAR WAVE New

Roland SP-404MK2 MKII Creative Effector Sampler LINEAR WAVE New

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Easier to use, more powerful, and more advanced than ever before
The Beatmaking Machine for Music Production and Performance

Roland's SP series of samplers, the very best in performance-based beatmaking, have long been widely acclaimed for their unique sound and ease of use for creating beats quickly anywhere, anytime. The SP-404MKII is the ultimate sampler, the result of extensive research and development and feedback from the community. With a vibrant OLED display, state-of-the-art expressive pads, newly added effects, an easy-to-use sequencing and sampling workflow, and a library of ready-to-use sounds to inspire your songs, SP-404MKII delivers faster and better performance than ever before. The multi-colored pads have 17 levels.

●Multi-colored pads support 17 velocity levels for smooth playability.
The SP's unique effects, such as Vinyl Simulator and DJFX Looper, as well as the newly added Lo-fi, Cassette Simulator, and Resonator effects, plus dedicated Vocoder for guitar and mic inputs, Auto Pitch, Guitar AmpSimulator, and more, all provide smooth playability. The new "Guitar AmpSimulator" is a powerful and powerful effect that allows you to create your own guitar or microphone input.
Fast startup and loading times, 16 GB of internal storage, low-latency pads, and quick sample editing speed up your workflow.
Performance possibilities are further expanded with a maximum of 32 simultaneous voices and an internal memory that holds 160 samples per project for 16 projects.
Onboard sample editing is supported by a full range of features, including real-time or automatic CHOP, automatic BPM detection, ENVELOPE, PITCH SHIFT, and RESAMPLE.
Shuffle percentage can be adjusted as well as quantize to customize the swing.
SKIP BACK SAMPLING allows you to capture up to 25 seconds back from the previous performance.
In DJ mode, two samples can be freely mixed for a new approach to live performance.
The aluminum faceplate is removable, and an outline template is available on the website. A variety of customization options are available, including the ability to create your own screen saver and startup logo.
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