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Roland V-4EX 4-Channel Video Mixer Genuine product Brand New

Roland V-4EX 4-Channel Video Mixer Genuine product Brand New

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Roland V-4EX 4-Channel Video Mixer unopened (state) OPEN BOX


The V-4EX is a 4-channel, 10-input/3-output video mixer with HDMI input, inheriting the ease-of-use of the V-4 and V-8 video mixers.

The V-4EX features a progressive mixing engine and digital inputs and outputs for greatly improved image quality.

The V-4EX also features an intuitive touch panel and a wide range of effects for a variety of video productions.

Audio-embedded functions and USB stream output for Internet distribution are also available.

New visual performance for the HDMI era.

4-channel, 10-input, 3-output video mixer

HDMI, RGB/component, composite input/output, and S-video input

Frame Synchronizer (FS) on all input channels

Touch monitor for comfortable operation

High-quality 480p processing

259 switching patterns and 148 picture effects

Audio input, built-in audio mixer with delay

Up-conversion of output video up to 1080p

Preview output displays all inputs in quad screen

Audio output from HDMI with audio embedding

USB video/audio output for live streaming

HDCP support

480p processing, 4-channel 10-input/3-output video mixer

A total of 10 different video inputs on 4 channels and up to 3 outputs.

All four channels are equipped with frame synchronizers (FS) to eliminate noise during switching.

The touch monitor allows intuitive operation of connection setting changes, enabling performance that changes connections according to the scene.

The video engine operates in high-definition 480p, enabling high-quality processing of SD video as well.

HDMI Support

HDMI signal input/output is supported. In addition, HDCP mode enables switching and compositing of HDCP-encrypted video sources.

1: Input1-3 can handle up to 480p; Input4 can handle up to 1080p, but internal processing is performed at 480p.

When inputting DVI-D signals, please use an HDMI-DVI conversion connector.

Commercial use of content requires permission from the rights holder.

Only HDMI output can be used in HDCP mode; RGB/component output, composite output, and USB output cannot be used. The display or projector connected to the HDMI output must be HDCP compliant.

Terminals and Scalers for Various Signals

Equipped with HDMI, composite, RGB, and S-video, the unit supports a variety of digital and analog input sources.

Output signals are also compatible with HDMI, composite, and RGB signals.

RGB and S-Video inputs are provided for CH4 only.

HDMI and RGB signals up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) can be input.

Scaler function

A "scaler" is provided on input CH4 to convert signal formats other than 480p to 480p.

The HDMI and RGB terminals can up-convert signals up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) for output.

Intuitive operation with touch monitor

The touch monitor enables intuitive operation by simply touching the screen.

In addition to the familiar T-bar, effects can be operated directly.

Connection settings can also be intuitively operated on the touch panel.

Wide Variety of Effects

A wide variety of effects are provided. Add variety to your performance.

■Switchable effects

256 built-in effects such as mix, wipe, etc.

Picture Effects

148 types of picture effects such as after-image and key compositing.

Audio Support

Video and audio can be output together from the HDMI and USB ports by connecting an analog audio source device.

Audio delay of up to 4 frames is provided for lip-sync.

(Audio Embedded)

USB stream output

A PC can be connected for live streaming and recording.

USB VIDEO CLASS / AUDIO CLASS support is available for both Windows and Mac computers without any driver software.

Supported formats (fixed)

 Resolution 720 x 480 pixels (29.97 fps/Motion JPEG)

Audio 16-bit (48 kHz/Linear PCM)

Video Capture for VR

Video Capture for VR, a free application for recording on a PC

Video Capture for VR is a free application software that allows you to capture video/audio output from the V-4EX and save it to a file on a PC connected to the V-4EX via USB.

[Main Features]

Capture USB output video/audio from V-4EX/VR-5/VR-3.

Video is saved in MOV (Quick Time format).

Still images are saved as BMP files.

V-4EX is required to operate this software.

This software runs on Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / MacOSX.

MIDI for synchronization with musical instruments and audio equipment

MIDI can be used to synchronize multiple V-4EXs and to control V-4EXs from other devices.


MIDI Visual Control is a worldwide recommended specification added to the MIDI standard to link musical performance and visual expression. For example, the V-Mixer M

For example, if you connect the V-Mixer M-200i via MIDI, the V-Mixer faders will follow the video switching of the V-4EX.

■PR Control

The PR-80/50 video presenter control function, popular with the V-4 and V-8, is also provided for easy operation via MIDI connection.

Automatic input switching in accordance with PR series video playback and automation with a scheduler are also possible.

Dimensions / Weight

Width (W)225 mm

Depth (D)296 mm

Height (H)105 mm

Weight 2.6 kg


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