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Roland V-Drums TD-17 Sound Module with Sample Import and Bluetooth

Roland V-Drums TD-17 Sound Module with Sample Import and Bluetooth

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◆Inherits the sound engine of V-Drums' flagship sound source TD-50, achieving rich expressive power just like an acoustic drum.

◆Coach mode that supports steady step-up of playing skills

◆You can wirelessly connect mobile devices such as smartphones via Bluetooth and play audio from the TD-17.

◆Recording function to SD card allows you to objectively understand your performance

◆50 types of drum kits that match various genres

◆Equipped with ambience that gives you the natural sense of presence unique to drums.

◆You can create your own sound with the layer function that allows you to layer tones, tuning and muffling adjustment functions, pad EQ, etc.

◆User sample function that allows you to import and play audio files

◆Connects to a computer with a single USB cable, allowing MIDI/audio transmission and reception. Supports use of the drum practice application "Melodics for V-Drums" and DAW input.

[V-Drums TD-17 series]

A new standard model of V-Drums that is ideal for home practice, combining high playability, expressiveness, and cost performance to help you acquire the skills necessary for playing acoustic drums.

Equipped with features that allow you to create your own sound, including 50 types of drum kits that match a variety of genres, effects such as ambience, and user sample functions.

[Coach mode that supports steady step-up of playing skills]

The basics of drumming are keeping the tempo with a steady beat.

Acquiring this skill requires continuous daily practice. The TD-17 is equipped with a coach mode that provides powerful support for daily practice.

In addition to being able to select the menu and difficulty level according to your skills and goals, you can also see your practice score and accuracy percentage to see your progress, so you can firmly acquire basic performance skills.

It is also equipped with a tray where you can place devices such as smartphones, making it easy to practice while watching lesson videos wirelessly connected via Bluetooth.

【Detailed information】

・Number of drum kits: 100 (50 presets)

・Number of tones: 300

・Instrument parameters: Level (volume), pan, tuning, muffling, snare buzz, strainer

・User samples: Built-in memory size = 32MB, number of user samples = max. 100 (including factory default user samples), sound length (total) = mono 298 seconds, stereo 148 seconds, file format =WAV(44.1kHz, 16/24bit)

・Kit effects: Ambience = 25 types, Multi effects = 30 types, Pad equalizer = 3 bands (Low, Mid, High, each pad)

・Master effect: Equalizer = 2 bands

・Bluetooth (excluding TD-17-L): Compatible standards = Bluetooth standard Ver. 4.2, compatible profiles = A2DP (audio), GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy), compatible codecs = SBC (content based on SCMS-T method) (Compatible with protection) *Not installed on the TD-17-L sound source of TD-17K-L-S.

・Built-in songs: 7

・Song player: File format = WAV (44.1kHz, 16/24bit), MP3 *Audio files must be saved on an SD card

・Recorder: Recording method = real time, maximum recording time = 60 minutes (temporary recording: approximately 3 minutes), file format = WAV (44.1kHz, 16/24bit) *An SD card is required for recording over 3 minutes.

・Display: 128 x 64 dots (with backlight)

・External memory: SD card (SDHC compatible)

・Connection terminals: TRIGGER INPUT terminal = 1, TRIGGER IN terminal = 2 (Crash 2, AUX) (TRS standard), MASTER OUTPUT terminal = 2 (L/MONO, R) (stereo standard), PHONES terminal = 1 (stereo (mini type), MIX IN terminal = 1 (stereo mini type), MIDI OUT terminal = 1, USB COMPUTER terminal = 1

・Output impedance: OUTPUT terminal = 1kΩ, PHONES terminal = 94Ω

・Input impedance: MIX IN terminal = 11kΩ

・USB COMPUTER terminal: Speed = HIGH-speed USB, driver mode = generic/vendor, supported communication = USB-MIDI/USB-Audio *To use USB audio, change to vendor mode and install the vendor driver. must use

・USB audio: Sampling frequency (original) = 44.1kHz, sampling frequency (using sampling rate converter) = 96kHz/48kHz, recording = 2 channels (1 stereo), playback = 2 channels (1 stereo), playback = 2 channels (1 stereo)

・Power supply: AC adapter (DC9V)

・Current consumption: 490mA

・Accessories: Sound source mount, AC adapter, dedicated connection cable, instruction manual (including warranty), user registration card

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