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SONICWARE LIVEN 8bit warps LVN-010 Sonicware Compact Synthesizer Step Sequencer

SONICWARE LIVEN 8bit warps LVN-010 Sonicware Compact Synthesizer Step Sequencer

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LIVEN 8bit warps is a compact synthesizer equipped with functions focused on machine live, four types of 8bit waveform memory synth engines, and a step sequencer.

[8bit sound that can be used seriously]

Using carefully selected preset waveforms, editable user waveforms, and high-quality filters and effectors, you can create a wide variety of sounds. Please use the unique 8bit sounds of LIVEN 8bit warps not only for classic retro game sounds, but also for various genres of music including EDM, Hip Hop, techno, and rock.

[Optimized for machine live]

It is equipped with powerful functions for machine live performances, such as 16 physical control knobs, a parameter lock function for each step, a looper, and SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT terminals that make it easy to synchronize performances with external equipment.

[Built-in speaker in lightweight battery-powered body]

The body equipped with these powerful functions weighs only 790g. You can play anytime and anywhere.

【Detailed information】

Size&Weight: 297mm (W) × 176mm (D) × 48mm (H), 790g




Built-in Speaker

Stereo line output

Stereo line input

Headphone output

9V DC, 6AA batteries

Four 8bit wave memory synthesis engines ( WARP, ATTACK, MORPH, FM )

Powerful voice mode(POLY, MONO, ARPEGGIATORS)

Dynamic Seq mode(SLICE, RANDOM, STUTTER)



Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Hall, Plate, and Tape Effects

1xLFO(for Pitch&Filter Freq)

128-patch memory

128-waveform memory

128-step Sequencer, 128 patterns, Real-time and step recording, Pattern chain, Metronome

Octave shift

Sweep (GB style)

Swing control

4-Track Looper

Para Lock

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