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Yamaha APX1200II Acoustic Electric guitar Translucent Black

Yamaha APX1200II Acoustic Electric guitar Translucent Black

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The APX1200, which received high praise as a professional model of Yamaha electric-acoustic guitars with its all-single-wood body and SRT pickups that deliver studio-quality sound, has been revised in every detail to create a more complete guitar.

・Newly developed "SRT" system that reproduces even the fluctuations of the air in a recording studio

-Selectable sound from 3 types of microphones and 2 types of microphone settings

・Built-in A.F.R. (Auto Feedback Reduction) to suppress howling

・All veneer is used for the body

Features of SRT pickup system

With the newly developed "SRT" system, you can create sound using a setting method similar to recording in a studio, by "selecting a microphone from three professional types and choosing its position from two types." .

There are a total of 6 types of setting patterns. Furthermore, it is possible to create detailed and unique sounds by mixing the sound of the piezo pickup with those microphone sounds (BLEND knob), controlling the sound of the guitar's body (RESONANCE knob), etc.

Data created by professional engineers using high-quality microphones in a recording studio.You can use different microphones according to the sound you want. The data was recorded using the following three vintage microphones.

・Type 1:Neumann U67

Vintage condenser microphones such as the Neumann U67. Equipped with a wide frequency range and dynamic response, it is compatible with all playing styles and phrases. Especially suitable for strokes and locks.

・Type 2:Neumann KM56

Vintage condenser microphones such as the Neumann KM56.

The delicate and smooth high range is recommended for arpeggios, ballads, fingerpicking, etc.

・Type 3: Royer R-122

A modern ribbon microphone typified by the Royer R-122. With its soft response, gentle treble, and thick, warm tone, it creates a comfortable tone even with hard picking. Recommended for jazz/blues.

Choose whether to place the microphone near the professional setting guitar or a little further away.


On-mic setting (mic set 20-30cm away from the guitar). It has a thick, crisp, and clear sound that clearly captures the resonance of the strings and body, making it suitable for all playing styles and phrases.


A setting that adds an off-mic (a microphone set several meters away from the guitar) to the on-mic sound. Adds natural air resonance similar to the sound heard by the human ear. Recommended for solo guitar and guitar ensemble.

You can freely control the sound of the guitar

You can adjust the resonance of the guitar using the RESONANCE knob. Center is standard. The more you turn it to the right, the stronger the ringing will become. If you want to suppress the sound of the body as a countermeasure against howling, etc., turn it to the left.

*The RESONANCE knob only affects the microphone sound.

Combination with pickup sound

The SRT-equipped model is equipped with a newly developed "SRT pickup" that has a piezoelectric element (piezo) built into the saddle. It features outstanding response, stable resonance, high sound quality, and rich expressive power. By mixing the sound of this pickup with the microphone sound, you can create detailed and unique sounds.

■Accessories: Semi-hard case, sound hole cover

Product Specifications

Body type APX cutaway

Top plate spruce veneer

Back plate rosewood veneer

Side plate rosewood veneer

Claw mahogany

fingerboard ebony

Lower piece ebony

Body thickness 80mm~90mm

Fingerboard width (upper bridge/body joint) 43mm/55mm

String length 650mm

Painting gloss finish

Pickup & Control SYSTEM63 (SRT System)

Accessories Semi-hard case, sound hole cover

*The image is a sample.

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