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Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East Signature 5-String Bass Black w/hard case New

Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East Signature 5-String Bass Black w/hard case New

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Nathan East model built with a neck-through, independent bridge, new circuit, and new specifications.

BBNE2 is a further evolution of the Yamaha BBNE Nathan East model, which has attracted worldwide attention as a highly complete model that meets the demands of professionals!

●Through neck structure

Through-neck construction with a 5-ply neck sandwiched between a maple top and alder back body.


The body has curved surfaces on both the front and back, and the back of the body has a bold contour, making it compact and shaped to fit the player's body.


Equipped with a newly developed stack type pickup with a built-in hum canceling coil.


The bridge is an independent type for each string, which suppresses mutual interference of string vibrations, resulting in a purer sound.


In addition to a newly developed 3-band equalizer, master volume, and balancer, it is equipped with a mid-cut switch and frequency control. You can arrange the sound by selecting the center frequency and cutting the midrange with one touch.

●Block inlay

A white pearl block inlay with the "BB EAST" logo engraved on the 12th floor.

Made in Japan

*The image is a sample.

■Accessories: Hard case, official warranty card

Product Specifications

Body Alder + Maple

Body/Neck Construction: Neck-through

Neck Maple + Mahogany 5 pieces

fingerboard ebony

Fingerboard R 500R

Number of frets: 24

Scale 863.6mm

Bridge BPZ-8

peg gold

Pickup “Original stack type (Alnico V)” x 2

Controls Master volume, balancer, bass, middle, treble, mid cut switch, middle center frequency control

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