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YAMAHA BBP34 Vintage Sunburst Electric Bass Guitar made in japan w/hard case

YAMAHA BBP34 Vintage Sunburst Electric Bass Guitar made in japan w/hard case

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The Yamaha electric bass BB series flagship model "BBP" has undergone a minor model change!

For 40 years, the Yamaha BB series has always pursued the sound and functions required in the music scene of the time, and has received high praise from many bassists. The new BB series has dramatically improved the sound of the body, achieving a sound that combines power and clear contours. A bass that continues to evolve while inheriting tradition. Yamaha BB.

● Inheritance of tradition

We have been constantly improving our basses to provide basses that exceed bassists' expectations. The BB series has continued to evolve as a bass that responds to players who pursue their own sound. The new BB series continues to be a bass that fulfills the sound and expression you pursue in any scene while inheriting the BB tradition.

・Alder/Maple/Alder 3-ply body structure

The new BB series has an alder/maple/alder 3-ply body structure. The hard maple wood sandwiched between the alder on both sides enriches the midrange and creates a body resonance that blends in with the band's sound. In addition, by using maple for the body material, it is possible to transmit sound directly to the maple wood of the neck, reducing sound loss between the body and neck and reliably receiving string vibration.

・I.R.A. (Initial Response Acceleration)

I.R.A. (Initial response acceleration) is a technology that reduces the stress of paint and adhesives that are inherent in the instrument immediately after completion by giving the instrument appropriate vibration after completion, and promotes the vibration of the instrument. Players know how important it is to "play" an instrument. It is said that "playing" an instrument improves its sound. The reason for this is that the stress generated between the wood of the neck and fingerboard, between the wood and the paint film, between the wood and the hardware, etc., becomes familiar and resonates as one by playing. By applying I.R.A. (Initial response Acceleration) processing, the bass is closer to the state it was played in, bringing out the ideal body sound.

・Miter bolting method

In addition to the four screws that fix the neck vertically from the back of the body, a miter bolting method is used, which adds two screws that fix the neck end at a 45-degree angle from the back of the body. The body and neck are firmly attached to each other, creating a strong sound that is one body and neck. There is less energy loss in string vibration than with a normal bolt-on joint, resulting in rich sustain and overwhelming body sound.

・Newly developed pickups

The new BB is equipped with a newly developed pickup for each model. While inheriting the traditional sound of the BB sound, the output gain in the mid-to-high range has been improved. It achieves a clear sound with clear contours. The pickups that are suitable for the unique character of each model enable the original and diverse expression that players demand.

・Convertible type bridge and saddle

Adopts a "strings through body" structure that passes the strings through the back of the body. Compared to the general method of passing the strings vertically from the back of the body, passing the strings at a 45-degree angle transmits the energy of the string vibration to the body with less loss. In the general back-passing method of passing the strings directly under the saddle, there is a large loss of current vibration at the plate and saddle, making it difficult to transmit the string vibration efficiently and reliably, but by cutting the bottom of the body at an angle and passing the strings at a 45-degree angle, the stress on the strings at the saddle is reduced.

The BB Pro series is equipped with a vintage plus bridge, which achieves a sharp and clear sound. The brass saddle of the vintage plus bridge achieves a deep bass, and the steel plate achieves a bright sound. The metal parts such as springs and screws are made of stainless steel for resistance to rust and corrosion. In addition, the difference in the contact points of the semicircular saddle allows players to express themselves in a variety of ways, from crisp and clear sounds to warm sounds.

*Due to a minor model change in 2023, the hardware has been changed from matte to glossy (chrome finish), and two new color variations have been added: VW (vintage white) and MLB (moonlight blue).

■Accessories: Hard case, manufacturer's warranty

*The image is a sample.

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