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Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal With Case New DHL FEDEX

Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal With Case New DHL FEDEX

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Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal With Case New DHL FEDEX


Brand New

The FP9 series is the flagship model of YAMAHA foot pedals. The newly designed frame equipped with high-precision parts ensures the highest level of playing stability. The FP9 series is equipped with a number of functions that allow the user to adjust the pedal comfort according to their playing style, making it a perfect fit for drummers of all styles.
Kick Pedal for Drums
Twin Pedal
Double chain drive
Nylon belt, beater weight, drum keys, special semi-hard case

The "double chain drive" features natural and smooth pedal action. The cam part at the bottom of the double chain can be adjusted with a 3-step slide, allowing the player to choose the cam position that best suits his or her playing style. The included belt drive allows the player to further select the pedal action to his/her preference.

Quick Adjusting Cam/Link
The double chain drive applies tension evenly as you depress the pedal. By changing the cam from C1 to C3, it is possible to set a lighter action at the beginning of the pedal stroke.

Newly designed high-precision split frame structure
A high-precision blue part is used as the ball bearing insertion part. By combining the blue parts with the flat processed frame, the blue parts with built-in ball bearings are precisely arranged in a single row. The highly precise arrangement of the blue parts prevents rattling of the ball bearings and ensures smooth operation of the rocker shafts. The ball bearing and rocker shaft can rotate more smoothly due to the pursuit of precision in every detail. The foot pedal responds accurately to various foot pedal techniques, providing powerful support for the drummer's performance.

Auto-lock spring tension adjustment
The design of the spring tension adjustment section has been changed. The upward-facing design allows the drummer to easily adjust the spring tension from a seated position on the stool. The adjustment knob locks every 90-degree turn to prevent loosening during performance. The adjustment section swings to provide more natural spring extension and retraction.

Footboard/beater angle adjustment
The footboard and beater angle adjustment sections have been designed independently to allow for free angle setting. The angle of the footboard and beater can be adjusted independently of each other, allowing the footboard and beater to be set at any angle.

High-precision low-position heel structure
A low heel position design is adopted. The hinge portion is equipped with a high-precision machined cover (blue part) to improve the stability of the footboard. Smooth pedal work is now possible.

Ball bearings for drive connection
Ball bearings are installed at the end of the footboard where it connects to the drive. This enables smoother pedaling.

Heel spike
A spike is mounted on the heel of the footboard.
This prevents the foot pedal from shifting while playing and further improves stability and operability.

Original beater/specific weight
The FP9 original beater can be fitted with a special weight at the bottom of the beater. The included aluminum (3g) and brass (9g) weights can be attached to expand the range of sound creation and performance.

Universal joint with ball bearings
The newly designed universal joint is equipped with ball bearings in the moving parts. The smooth rotation of the bearing has dramatically improved the pedal action and operability of the sub pedal.

Sub Pedal Anchor
The sub pedal is equipped with a spike on the front part. This prevents slippage during performance and further improves pedal stability and operability.

Carrying Case
All FP9 models come with a dedicated compact semi-hard case.
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