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Yamaha Integrated Amplifier A-S801S A-S801 silver JAPAN NEW AC 100V

Yamaha Integrated Amplifier A-S801S A-S801 silver JAPAN NEW AC 100V

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Yamaha A-S801 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Amp SILVER A-S801S Brand New 


Brand New

Main SpecificationsRated Output Dynamic Power(IHF)8Ω6Ω4Ω2ΩPractical Maximum Output(JEITA)Output BandwidthDamping FactorMaximum Allowable InputRated Output Voltage/Output Impedance Frequency ResponseRIAA Equalizer DeviationTotal Harmonic DistortionS/N Ratio(IHF-A Network)Residual Noise(IHF-A (Network) Input Sensitivity/Input ImpedanceHeadphone Rated Output (1kHz, 32Ω, 0.2% THD)Channel SeparationTone Control CharacteristicsBASSTREBLE Input TerminalOutput TerminalPower ConsumptionStandby PowerDimensions (W x H x D) MassAccessories
Main Specifications
Rated output 100W+100W/8Ω (20Hz-20kHz, 0.019% THD), 120W+120W/6Ω (20Hz-20kHz, 0.038% THD)
Dynamic power (IHF) 8Ω 140W
6Ω 170W
4Ω 220W
2Ω 290W
Maximum practical output (JEITA) 145W/8Ω (1kHz, 10% THD), 170W/6Ω (1kHz, 10% THD)
Output bandwidth 10Hz to 50kHz (MAIN L/R operation, 0.04% THD, 50W, 8Ω)
Damping factor 240 or better (1kHz, 8Ω)
Maximum allowable input PHONO MM: 45mV (1kHz 0.03% THD), CD etc.: 2.2V (1kHz 0.5% THD)
Rated output voltage/output impedance REC OUT: 200mV/1.0kΩ or less, Subwoofer OUT: 3.5V/1.2kΩ (cutoff frequency: 100Hz)
Frequency Response CD etc.: 0±0.5dB (20 to 20kHz), CD etc. Pure DIRECT ON: 0±1.0dB (10Hz to 100kHz)
RIAA equalizer deviation PHONO MM: ±0.5dB
Total harmonic distortion PHONO MM to REC OUT: 0.03% or less (20Hz to 20kHz 2.5V), CD etc. to SP OUT: 0.019% or less (20Hz to 20kHz 50W/8Ω)
S/N ratio (IHF-A network) PHONO MM: 82dB or better (5mV, input shorted), CD etc. Pure DIRECT ON: 99dB or better (200mV, input shorted), CD DIRECT ON: 104dB or better
Residual noise (IHF-A network) 40μV
Input sensitivity/input impedance PHONO MM: 3.0mV/47kΩ, CD etc.: 200mV/47kΩ
Headphone Rated Output (1kHz, 32Ω, 0.2% THD) CD etc.: 470mV/470Ω (1kHz, 200mV, 8Ω)
Channel separation CD etc.: 65dB or better (input, 5.1kΩ shorted, 1kHz), CD etc.: 50dB or better (input, 5.1kΩ shorted, 10kHz)
Tone control characteristics BASS Boost/Cut 20Hz: ±10dB, Turnover frequency: 400Hz
TREBLE Boost/Cut 20kHz: ±10dB, turnover frequency: 3.5kHz
Input terminals: 9 (CD 1, tuner 1, line 3, phono [MM] 1, optical digital 1, coaxial digital 1, USB 1)
5 outputs (Rec Out 2, Subwoofer 1, Headphone 1, DC Out 1)
Power consumption 270W
Standby power 0.5W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 435W x 152H x 387Dmm
Weight 12.1kg
Accessories Remote control, 2 AA batteries, power cord (1.5 m), operation manual

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