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Yamaha MODX6+ 61-Key Semi-Weighted Synthesizer Brand New

Yamaha MODX6+ 61-Key Semi-Weighted Synthesizer Brand New

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In the four years since the first MODX was released (October 2018), MODX has undergone a series of OS updates (v1.1 → v2.0 → v2.5) to meet the changing needs of the scene.

The new MODX+ inherits all of these updates, while enhancing the sound source performance for even greater expressiveness.

The new MODX+ inherits all of these updates, while enhancing the sound source performance for even greater expressiveness, and expanding the user memory area to accommodate the large sound libraries that are being added every day.

This is the successor model of MODX, which has enhanced basic performance and expressiveness to meet the changing scene.

There are three main points: the overwhelming "sound" that breathes life into songs. (1) Advanced controls that allow artists to express their individuality and dynamism.

Lightweight and compact "mobility" to support active musical activities.

The MODX+ provides today's keyboardists, who perform in a wide variety of situations including stage performances, live distribution, and music production, with unparalleled expressive power and mobility that can be carried to any site.

MODX+ is a music synthesizer that gives today's keyboardists unparalleled expressive power and mobility, and the ability to take it with them to any scene.


MODX6+: 61 semi-weighted keys (with initial touch)

Sound Source

Sound source system:

Motion Control Synthesis Engine

AMW2: 8 elements / FM-X: 8 operators, 88 algorithms

Maximum number of simultaneous sounds:

AWM2: 128 notes (both stereo and mono waveforms), FM-X: 128 notes

Number of multitimbres:

Built-in sound sources: 16 parts, audio input parts (A/D*1, USB*1)

*1 Stereo part

Waveform memory

Preset: 5.67 GB equivalent (16-bit linear conversion), User: 1.75 GB

Number of performances: 2,227

Filters: 18 types


Reverb x 12 types, Variations x 88 types,

Insertion (A, B) x 88 types *2, Master Effect x 26 types

*2 A/D Part Insertion x 83 types

<Each effect type has a preset program

Master EQ (5-band), 1st part EQ (3-band), 2nd part EQ (2-band)

Sequencer section

Sequencer capacity

Approx. 130,000 notes (1 pattern or 1 song)

Store area

Approx. 520,000 notes (pattern), Approx. 520,000 notes (song)

Note resolution: Quarter note/480

Tempo (BPM): 5 to 300


Number of patterns: 128 patterns

Tracks: 16 sequencer tracks

Recording method:

Real-time replace, real-time overdub


Number of Songs: 128 Songs

Tracks: 16 sequencer tracks, tempo tracks, scene tracks

Recording method:

Real-time replace, real-time overdub,

real-time replace, real-time overdub, real-time punch


MODX original format, SMF format 0,1


Parts: Up to 8 parts can be turned on simultaneously

Preset: 10,239 types

User: 256 types

Motion sequencer:


Up to 8+1 lanes (8 lanes for Part + 1 lane for Super Knob)


Number of live sets:

Preset: 256+, User: 2,048

Main controls:

Master volume, A/D input gain knob, USB volume,

Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel,

4 control sliders, 4 knobs, super knob, data dial


7-inch wide VGA TFT color LCD (with touch panel)

Connection terminals:

[USB TO DEVICE], [USB TO HOST], MIDI [IN]/[OUT], FOOT CONTROLLER [1]/[2], FOOT SWITCH [ASSIGNABLE]/[SUSTAIN], OUTPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (standard phone jacks), [ PHONES PHONES] (stereo standard phone jack), A/D INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (standard phone jack)

USB audio interface

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz

Input/output channels:

Input: 4 channels (2 stereo channels)

Output: 10 channels (5 stereo channels)

Power consumption: 16W (with PA-150B power adapter)

Dimensions and weight

MODX6+: 937(W) × 331(D) × 134(H) mm, 6.6 kg


Power adapter (PA-150B or Yamaha recommended equivalent), warranty card,

Warranty, Instruction manual

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