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Yamaha MODX7+ 76-Key Semi-Weighted Synthesizer Genuine product Brand New

Yamaha MODX7+ 76-Key Semi-Weighted Synthesizer Genuine product Brand New

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Hybrid sound source system: A hybrid sound source system combining two types of sound sources, AWM2 and FM-X.

Enhanced 1.75GB memory area: The user waveform memory, which supports high-speed read/write, has been expanded from 1.0GB to 1.75GB.

SMART MORPH: Smart Morph enables unprecedented FM sound expression by morphing different FM sounds.

EFFECT: From high-resolution reverbs to modeling effects using VCM technology, the powerful DSP onboard enables innovative, high-quality effects processing to meet players' demands for expression.

SIDECHAIN: The side-chain function is indispensable for creating EDM sounds. The SIDECHAIN function creates a pumping effect that rhythmically changes the volume of pads and other sustained tones by triggering the output of the rhythm track or a drum kick recorded with a microphone.

A/D Inputs: Stereo A/D inputs allow connection of external devices such as analog synths and microphones. The input audio signal can be processed with the same effect processing as the built-in sound source.

Data compatibility with Yamaha synthesizers: MODX+ is compatible with previous generations of Yamaha synthesizers.

Soundomondo: Social sound sharing service for musicians

Rhythm Pattern: Equipped with a rhythm pattern function that can be used like a drum machine.

Main Specifications

Sound source section]

MODX6+: 61 semi-weighted keys (with initial touch)
MODX7+: 76 semi-weighted keys with initial touch
MODX8+: 88-key GHS keyboard (with initial touch)

Sound Source System
Motion Control Synthesis Engine
AMW2: 8 elements / FM-X: 8 operators, 88 algorithms

Maximum number of simultaneous sounds: WM2: 128 (both stereo and mono waveforms), FM-X: 128

Number of multitimbres: 16 internal sound source parts, audio input parts (A/D*1, USB*1) *1 stereo part

■Waveform memory: Preset: 5.67 GB equivalent (16-bit linear conversion), user: 1.75 GB

Number of performances: 2,227

Filters: 18 types

Reverb x 12 types, Variations x 88 types,
Insertion (A, B) x 88 types *2, Master Effect x 26 types
*2 A/D Part Insertion x 83 types
<Preset programs are provided for each effect type.
Master EQ (5-band), 1st part EQ (3-band), 2nd part EQ (2-band)

Sequencer section

Sequencer capacity: Approx. 130,000 notes (1 pattern or 1 song)

Store area: approx. 520,000 notes (pattern), approx. 520,000 notes (song)

Note resolution: Quarter note/480

Tempo (BPM): 5 to 300

Number of patterns: 128 patterns
Tracks: 16 sequencer tracks
Recording method: real-time replace, real-time overdub

Number of songs: 128 songs
Tracks: 16 sequencer tracks, tempo track, scene track
Recording method: real-time replace, real-time overdub, real-time punch

Playback: MODX original format, SMF format 0,1

Parts: Up to 8 parts can be turned on simultaneously
Preset: 10,239 types
User: 256 types

Motion Sequencer: Lanes: Up to 8 + 1 (8 for Part + 1 for Super Knob)

Other】】Number of live sets: Preset

Number of live sets: Preset: 256+, User: 2,048

Main controls: Master volume, A/D input gain knob, USB volume, pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, 4 control sliders, 4 knobs, super knob, data dial

Display: 7-inch wide VGA TFT color LCD (with touch panel)

Connections: [USB TO DEVICE], [USB TO HOST], MIDI [IN]/[OUT], FOOT CONTROLLER [1]/[2], FOOT SWITCH [ASSIGNABLE]/[SUSTAIN], OUTPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (standard phone jack), [PHONES] (stereo standard phone jack), A/D INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (standard phone jack)

USB audio interface
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Input/output channels: Input: 4 channels (2 stereo channels), Output: 10 channels (5 stereo channels)

Power consumption: 16W (with PA-150B power adapter)

Dimensions and weight
MODX7+: 1,144(W) × 331(D) × 134(H) mm, 7.4kg
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