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Yamaha Montage 7 76-Key Workstation Keyboard Synthesizer New

Yamaha Montage 7 76-Key Workstation Keyboard Synthesizer New

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◎ Smooth and dynamic performance expression through the new sound source system "Motion Control Synthesis Engine

The core of this sound source system is a hybrid sound source that combines the AWM2 sound source, the mainstream sound source system of today, with the advanced FM sound source, the 8-operator, 128-note polyphonic FM-X sound source, The hybrid sound source is combined with the smooth and dynamic tonal expressiveness of the FM-X sound source. The "Super Knob" and "Motion Sequencer" have been added to this hybrid synthesizer to further enhance its expressive power.

Super Knob

Multiple parameters can be controlled at once. Dynamic sound changes can be expressed with simple operations. Super Knob" can also be assigned to a foot controller.

Motion Sequencer

The "Motion Sequencer" records and plays back changes in controller parameters. Up to 9 automation systems can be recorded and played back. The automation can be stopped and triggered at any desired timing using dedicated buttons, allowing for multilayered and complex sound changes as you play.

The instrument also features 8 rotary knobs, 8 sliders, a wheel, a foot controller, and an arpeggiator with a vast array of built-in patterns, as well as an envelope follower that generates control information from the A/D Input input source!

◎Easy-to-handle high-grade keyboard for playing subtle nuances of touch

User Interface for Player Convenience

◎Compatible with PC, iPhone/iPad for performance and music production

Keyboard: 76-key FSX keyboard (with initial touch and after-touch)

Sound Source Method: Motion Control Synthesis Engine AMW2: 8 elements FM-X: 8 operators, 88 algorithms

Maximum number of simultaneous sounds: AWM2: 128 (both stereo and mono waveforms), FM-X: 128

Waveform memory: Preset: 5.67 GB equivalent (16-bit linear conversion), user: 1.75 GB

Effects: Reverb x 12 types, Variations x 76 types, Insertion (A, B) x 76 types *2, Master Effects x 15 types *2 A/D part insertion is 71 types <preset program for each effect type> Master EQ (5 bands), 1st Part EQ (3-band), 2nd Part EQ (2-band)

Connection terminals: [USB TO DEVICE], [USB TO HOST], MIDI [IN]/[OUT]/[THRU],


OUTPUT (BALANCED) [L/MONO]/[R] (TRS balanced output jacks),

ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT (BALANCED) [L]/[R] (TRS balanced output jacks),

[PHONES] (stereo standard phone jacks),

A/D INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (standard phone jack)

Power consumption: 20W

Dimensions and weight: 1,244 (W) × 396 (D) × 131 (H) mm, 17 kg

Accessories: Power cord,

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