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YAMAHA PACIFICA Standard Plus 12 ASH PINK Electric guitar w/gig bag

YAMAHA PACIFICA Standard Plus 12 ASH PINK Electric guitar w/gig bag

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NNew model of PACIFICA series “PACIFICA Standard Plus”

``PACIFICA StandardPlus'', which will be released this time, is a newly designed model that further evolves the previous PACIFICA series for guitarists pursuing the ideal sound.

The body structure uses Yamaha's proprietary technology ``Acoustic Design'' that increases resonance, and is equipped with a new pickup ``Reflectone'' jointly developed with Rupert Neve Designs to respond to today's diverse music genres. The clear and balanced sound allows for smooth sound making, not only for delicate phrases and straight tones, but also for guitarists who use a lot of effectors. In addition, it is equipped with a high-pass filter, allowing delicate play without dropping the high even when the volume is turned down.

The newly adopted neck shape and curved neck neck joint, which makes it easier to access high positions, offer excellent playability and bring out even more imagination in players. There are two types of fingerboards: rosewood and maple, and the body colors are available in distinctive colors inspired by "City Pop".

■Main features

1. High expressiveness that supports unique sound creation

The body has been subjected to ``Acoustic Design,'' a scientific design process that utilizes Yamaha's proprietary acoustic analysis and 3D modeling, to achieve a rich midrange and tight low range. In addition, our original pickup ``Reflecton'', developed jointly with Rupert Neve Designs, produces clear sound that combines powerful low frequencies and brilliant highs. "Reflecton" HSS, which controls the output of each pickup, has a good balance and is compatible with amplifiers and effectors, so it is compatible with a variety of music genres and supports the unique sound creation desired by players. have power.

2. High playability that allows you to concentrate on your performance

The contour design of the body shape has been updated to fit the body without discomfort. The neck is slim and easy to grip, making it ideal for modern play. The curved neck heel allows you to concentrate on your performance without feeling stressed even in a high position. The satin neck finish provides a smooth playing feel, and two types of fingerboards are available: rosewood, which has a warm tone and smooth attack, and maple, which has a bright and crisp attack sound. Did.

3. A lineup of distinctive colors inspired by city pop

``City Pop'' is Japanese music from the 1980s that has been reevaluated around the world in recent years. The body color is inspired by the Southern California coast, which is depicted in Japanese colors on the record jacket.

*The image is a sample. Due to the characteristics of the product, the grain and color will vary depending on the individual product.

Main Specifications

Body: Alder

Neck: Maple (natural smooth satin finish), Slim C Shape

Body/Neck Construction: Bolt-on

Fingerboard: rosewood

Fingerboard radius: 350mm

Fret specifications: stainless steel medium

Bridge: Gotoh 510T FE-1

Peg: Gotoh SG381 MG-T (Locking tuners)

String length: 648mm

Neck Pickup: Reflectone HS7n Single Coil

Center Pickup: Reflectone HS7m Single Coil

Rear pickup: Reflectone HH7b Humbucker

Pickup switch: 5-position selector switch

Controls: Master volume, master tone (push-pull/coil split)

Gigbag included

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