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Yamaha SLG200S CRB Silent Acoustic Electric Guitar Steel String w/Gig Bag New

Yamaha SLG200S CRB Silent Acoustic Electric Guitar Steel String w/Gig Bag New

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Silent guitar with steel strings!

This silent guitar has been extremely popular since its release in 2001.

Due to its quietness and portability, it has not only become popular as a practice tool at home or at night because it can be played anywhere and anytime, but also has a natural tone that can be heard even on professional stages, making it popular with many users. We are gaining support.

After a model change, the current lineup is the 200 series!


☆Change of BODY material

The 100 series maple body has been changed to a "mahogany" body.

The frame has also been changed from maple to rosewood and mahogany, and the black painted appearance of the 100 series has been changed to a more luxurious heathered appearance.

Additionally, the body width when attached to the frame has increased from 362mm to 356mm, body thickness from 80mm to 85mm, and total length from 985mm to 978mm.

The pickguard is larger and the cutaway has a stylish Florentine look.

☆Changed pickup system

The 100 series was equipped with an L.R.BAGGS piezo pickup, but the 200 series is equipped with an SRT (Studio Response Technology) powered pickup system! It is possible to blend his up sound with a piezo pick equipped with an independent pickup for each string and a MIC sound that simulates the sound of mic'ing an LL36ARE with a Royer R-122. Furthermore, it also has a convenient chromatic tuner!

Built-in effects include REV1/REV2/CHO. You can enjoy realistic sound♪

☆Change of string height, string pitch, and NECK width

Compared to the previous model SLG110S, the string height is slightly lower on the 6th string side and slightly higher on the 1st string side.

Also, the string pitch is slightly wider than SLG110S.

Furthermore, although the nut width has not changed, the NECK width at the NECK joint has changed from 52mm to 55mm.

The design makes it easier to hold down the strings and play with your fingers, and the feel is closer to that of a live acoustic.

☆Change of power supply (battery)

It is noteworthy that it is powered by 2 AA batteries instead of the 9V square batteries of the 100 series, and the battery life is long, and the battery life is the same even when using effects!


There are also other changes in parts such as pegs and saddles (to offset saddles), and the country of production has changed from an Indonesian factory to a Chinese factory.

With this model change, the sound has changed from a slightly bright sound to a slightly more delicate and rich midrange sound. This is probably due to a major change in the BODY material. Also, the pickup output is smaller than the SLG110S, but the sound is closer to a raw acoustic guitar sound.

The look is cooler than the 100 series, giving it an antique atmosphere and a sense of luxury!

Main Specifications

Body: Mahogany

Arm: Mahogany

Frame: rosewood, maple

Fingerboard: rosewood

Fingerboard width (upper bridge/body joint): 43mm / 55mm

String length: 634mm

Dimensions: 978 (L) x 356 (W) x 85 (H) mm

Approximate weight: 2.1kg

Pickup system: SRT powered pickup system

Controls: Power (auto power off), volume, bass control, treble control, effect control (REVERB1/REVERB2/CHORUS), built-in tuner, blend, AUX IN terminal, AUX IN level control, LINE OUT terminal (monaural), headphone output Terminal (stereo), LINE OUT terminal and POWER switch (ON when plugged into jack)

Power supply: 2 AA batteries or AC adapter (PA-3C, sold separately)

■Accessories: Exclusive soft case, earphones, manufacturer's warranty

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