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YAMAHA SVC210 Silent Cello Acoustic-Body Electric with case genuine New

YAMAHA SVC210 Silent Cello Acoustic-Body Electric with case genuine New

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Innovative and compact design. Comes with three types of reverb and features a bright sound. Gear-type pegs provide a full range of functions and playability.

The SVC210 is a model that prioritizes portability. The knee pads can be folded or removed, and the instrument can be carried compactly in a dedicated soft case. Gear-type tuning pegs allow for easy fine adjustments. The innovative design will catch the eyes and ears of your audience.


■Dimensions and weight: 1,251 (L) x 438 (W) x 243 (H) mm (knee pad deployed, endpin in shortest position), 3.9 kg (including dry cell battery and chest pad)

■Accessories: Audio cable, *stereo headphones or conversion plug, dedicated soft case

■Accessories (sold separately): AC adapter PA-3C / stand BST1

■Items not included: AC adapter, bow, batteries


Regarding the YAMAHA Silent Cello SVC210, on April 8, 2024, Yamaha Corporation has notified us of changes to the accessories.


Old) Stereo headphones

New) φ3.5mm → φ6.3mm stereo conversion plug

As a result, headphones will no longer be included, and you will need to use your own earphones, etc.

The contents of the shipment will depend on the product lot.

Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific accessories at the time of ordering, so we ask for your understanding.

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