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YAMAHA YAS-875EX Custom Alto Saxophone Sax with Case Tracking DHL FEDEX USES

YAMAHA YAS-875EX Custom Alto Saxophone Sax with Case Tracking DHL FEDEX USES

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YAMAHA YAS-875EX Custom Alto Saxophone Sax with Case Tracking NEW DHL FEDEX


Brand New

It features smooth and excellent key work and low-pitched pronounceability with a rich, dignified sound of high quality and stress-free playing.
Light operability and flexibility have been added, allowing for more free expression with better response, and the various key shapes and layouts have been reviewed to allow for smoother and more reliable playing with less stress on the player. By reviewing the position and size of the sound hole of the second pipe, the pitch of the middle register has been improved, and by changing the processing method of the U-shaped pipe, the pronunciation of low notes has been improved, resulting in a more stable blowing feel and sense of resistance. The bell with gorgeous eye-catching engravings is made by a traditional method in which a single ginkgo-shaped metal plate is joined and the bell is formed one by one by a craftsman, responding to the player with a rich and colorful tone with a good sound rise. The octave key mechanism uses a unique ball joint for extremely smooth movement and outstanding durability. Neck receiver improves sound resonance. The mouthpiece has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to pick up, improve embouchure control and sound reach, and produce a soft, beautiful tone that brings out the charm of the Custom model. The evolved flagship model Custom EX is a saxophone that allows the player to express his or her own ideas.

Tone: E flat
Body/Key Finish: Gold Lacquer
Key Finger Shell: White Butterfly Shell
Attached Key: High F♯, Front F
Finger rest: Movable
Low C# Opening Stopper Mechanism: Yes
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