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Yamaha YEV104NL Electric Violin 4-String Natura Finish Genuine product Brand New

Yamaha YEV104NL Electric Violin 4-String Natura Finish Genuine product Brand New

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A body structure that is both flexible and rigid, a distinctive design, and a natural sound coexist.

The high-output passive pickup built into the bridge picks up the overall resonance of the instrument, reproducing the rise of the sound and the performance expression of the bow.

■Color: Natural

■Dimensions and weight: YEV104: 592 (L) x 204 (W) x 111 (H) mm, approximately 560 g (instrument body only)

■Accessories (sold separately): Amplifier THR5A/Wireless System Relay G10

■Accessories: Instruction manual

*Bow, rosin, case, shoulder rest, and batteries (*AC adapter cannot be used) are not included.


・High design that stands out on stage

A design with continuity between the front and back, like a Möbius strip.

With stage use in mind, the three-dimensional design is beautiful even when viewed from the audience seats.

- Designed to fit comfortably when switching from an acoustic violin

It has the same shape as an acoustic violin, and can be attached to a standard commercially available shoulder rest.

A shoulder rest is not included, but if you already play an acoustic violin,

You can simply replace the shoulder rest you are used to using.

・Organic design that takes advantage of the texture and materials of wood

Painting that takes advantage of the color of the material (NT model)

■Commitment to sound

Pursuing natural tone and response to meet the musical expression desired by players


We carefully selected the materials and adopted a 5-layer structure of maple, mahogany, and spruce.

Achieves natural sound quality with a good start.

*In YEV104BL, it is hidden behind the paint and cannot be seen, but the structure is the same.


The 5-layer walnut oil finish frame combines flexibility and strength,

It contributes not only to the distinctive design but also to the creation of a natural sound.

·pick up

Equipped with the same type of high-output passive pickup with built-in bridge as the long-established SV250.

It has the characteristics of being able to pick up the overall resonance of the instrument, while faithfully reproducing the good start of the sound and the performance expressions of bow users.

・Selector switch

Switches whether the pickup signal is output directly (Direct Out) or via the volume control.

Using Direct Out allows you to fully utilize the original performance of your instrument, producing a deep, punchy sound in the bass.

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