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Yamaha YTR-4335 GS II Bb Trumpet Silver-Plated w/ case Genuine product New

Yamaha YTR-4335 GS II Bb Trumpet Silver-Plated w/ case Genuine product New

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YTR-4335GSII is a Yamaha B♭ tube trumpet Standard series.

It has been on sale since November 2012.

*Standard Series*

We pay particular attention to ease of performance, accurate pitch, and durability, so that you can enjoy the excitement of the moment when you hear a sound for the first time or play a song.

It has evolved to become lighter, easier to blow, and easier to handle.

This model is generously packed with the technology and know-how that Yamaha has cultivated in its professional models.

The bell is made of gold brass, giving it a rich and pleasant sound.

The silver-plated finish provides a smooth sound and a moist playing feel.

Tone: B♭

Gold brass/silver plated finish

two piece bell

Bell shape: YL-ll bell

Bell size: 123mm

Bore size: ML

monel metal piston

◎Accessories: Mouthpiece: TR-11B4



The presence of a support on the main valve slide provides a well-focused sound.

[Monel metal piston]

The piston is made of monel metal for improved durability and sound.

In addition, the tone quality has been improved with the newly designed press metal, cap, and bottom.

[Lighter bell]

The bell is lightweight while maintaining its durability, achieving a weight balance that is easy for beginners to hold.

The design of the sculpture has also been redesigned.

A two-piece bell, also known as a two-piece bell, is made by joining a wide part and a small part.

It is said to be homogeneous, including the plate thickness, with little variation in the product, and is relatively easy to process.

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