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Yanagisawa T-WO20 (TWO20) Bronze Elite Professional Tenor Saxophone Brand New

Yanagisawa T-WO20 (TWO20) Bronze Elite Professional Tenor Saxophone Brand New

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T-WO20 is a model that was renewed in January 2014 in order to aim higher than the highly popular 90 and 99 series.

The tube body is made of bronze brass with a copper content of 75-85%, and is characterized by a soft, wide, and rich sound.

This is a popular model that receives overwhelming support from brass band and classical musicians. It is a model that produces the soft tone that is representative of Yanagisawa, and can be said to be an instrument that truly demonstrates the sound creation with a bronze body.

The sound that fills the hall is so pleasant that you won't be able to move on to other instruments.

Major features

- Both ends of the octave key shaft are processed into a spherical shape, and the receiving part is filled with a thin layer of resin to eliminate rattling and ensure smooth operation.

・A seesaw mechanism is used between C♯ and B♭ to enable smoother interlocking and fingering.

-The right-hand F♯ key is equipped with a mechanism that prevents vibration (resonance) during bass performance, allowing stable bass performance.

- The keys are made of white pearl shell, which is said to look good and be resistant to sweat and slip.

- The thumb rest and thumb hook are equipped with his thumb magician, and the structure that touches the tube body at points creates a rich sound. Made of brass, it has a smooth blowing feel and is said to eliminate variations in tone.

- Pivot screws are used to prevent the arm from wobbling in any direction.

- The tampo uses a highly airtight waterproof tampo. It prevents breath leakage and is highly waterproof, extending the life of the pad.

・The spring uses a spring steel material that is more elastic than stainless steel. You can operate smoothly even in difficult passages.

-The bell and main body are fixed with 3-point supports to ensure high rigidity.

*The image is a sample.


Tube material: bronze brass

Key material: yellow brass

Finish: Lacquer finish

Tone: B♭

Attached keys: High F# key, front F key

Tampo: Tampo with metal booster


Dedicated hard case mouthpiece

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