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Zoom A1 FOUR ACOUSTIC MULTI-EFFECTS PROCESSOR acoustic multi-effector genuine

Zoom A1 FOUR ACOUSTIC MULTI-EFFECTS PROCESSOR acoustic multi-effector genuine

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ZOOM multi-effects pedal for acoustic instruments. Equipped with 15 types of acoustic modeling that reproduce the sound of the body. More than 80 effects for acoustic instruments such as chorus, delay, and reverb are also built in, and up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously. Recombination of connection order is also supported. A microphone adapter capable of supplying +48V phantom power is also included. This unit expands the possibilities of acoustic performance.

Number of effects used simultaneously: 5

Number of patch memories: 50

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz

A/D conversion: 24-bit 128x oversampling

D/A conversion: 24-bit 128x oversampling

Signal processing: 32-bit

Display: Dot matrix LCD (128 × 32 dots)


INPUT: Standard monaural phone jack

    Rated input level: -20 dBu

Input impedance (line): 470 kΩ

AUX IN: Stereo mini jack

    Rated input level: -10 dBu

Input impedance (line): 1 kΩ


OUTPUT: Standard stereo phone jack (line/headphone)

Maximum output level:

  Line +2 dBu (with output load impedance of 10 kΩ or more)

  Headphone 17 mW + 17 mW (at 32 Ω load)

Input: S/N 120 dB

Noise floor (residual noise): -97 dBu

Power supply: AC adapter DC 9 V center-minus, 500 mA (Zoom AD-16), 4 AA batteries, approx. 18 hours continuous operation (with alkaline batteries, LCD backlight off)


Power can also be supplied from the USB terminal.

When a dedicated charging cable is used, functions other than power supply cannot be used.

Dimensions: 156 mm (D) x 130 mm (W) x 42 mm (H)

Weight: 340 g (excluding batteries)


Input: Balanced input (XLR: No. 2 hot)

    Input gain: +3 to +30 dBu

    Input Impedance: 10 kΩ

    Maximum input level: +4 dBu

    Phantom power supply: +48 V

■Output: Standard mono phone jack

    Specified Output Level: -20 dBu

    Maximum Output Level: +7 dBu

    Output impedance: 1 kΩ

Power Source: 2 AA batteries

Continuous operating time (at 3 mA phantom current)

  Approx. 15 hours (with alkaline batteries)

  Approx. 15 hours (with nickel-hydrogen batteries)

Dimensions: 177 mm (D) x 23 mm (W) x 25 mm (H)

Weight: 70 g (excluding batteries)

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