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ZOOM B1 FOUR Bass Multi-Effects Pedal genuine product Brand New

ZOOM B1 FOUR Bass Multi-Effects Pedal genuine product Brand New

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■Multi-effects pedals for bass


A revolutionary multi-effects pedal that offers stompbox-like operability

9 amp models and 60 effects are included as standard.

Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, and the order of connection can be freely rearranged.

Looper function for up to 30 seconds and 68 rhythm patterns that can be synchronized with the looper

Tuner function for Low-B and Hi-C tuning

AUX IN jack for connecting a music player or other device

Output: Standard stereo phone jack (line/headphone)

Accessories: 4 x AA alkaline batteries, quick guide, patch list

Power source: Battery-powered (4 AA alkaline batteries), optional power adapter (AD-16), USB bus power

Variety of Bass, 60 Effects

In addition to the "basic" effects often used on basses, there are more than 60 built-in effects ranging from traditional to boutique, including octaver, bass synth, fuzz, and more. You can create your own unique bass sound.

Nine different amp models

Nine amp models*, including Fender, Ampeg, Aguilar, and more. The head amp faithfully emulates an actual amp, and the IR (impulse response) cabinet produces a realistic and profound amp modeling sound that you can take with you anywhere with your bass.

The 9 amp models simulate the sounds of the following models: 1.

Ampeg SVT, 2. Fender Bassman 100, 3. SWR SM-400, 4. Aguilar DB 750, 5. Trace Elliot AH400SMX, 6. Acoustic 370, 7. Markbass MINIMARK 802, 8. EBS HD360, 9. Ampeg B-15N

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