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ZOOM B2 FOUR Bass guitar Multi Effects Amp Emulator genuine product Brand New

ZOOM B2 FOUR Bass guitar Multi Effects Amp Emulator genuine product Brand New

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Effects pedal and amp emulator for bass with DI MODEL function and XLR output that reproduces 6 professional standard direct box models. 11 amp models with newly developed multi-layer IR, 11 preamps, and 82 effects are built in. Provides sharp attack and clear low end with flat phase characteristics. With an impedance switching SW, it is also compatible with piezo-equipped acoustic basses.

■Bass multi-effects pedal/amp emulator


DI MODEL function with 6 tone types (tube x3, solid state x3)

The dynamic timbre changes (hysteresis characteristics) produced by the transformer that characterize the DI sound are formulated into a mathematical formula and modeled precisely. Reproduces subtle differences in overtones, compression, and other characteristics obtained by passing each DI. Just like professionals, six different DI models can be used according to the acoustic characteristics of the live venue and music genre.

Multi-layer IR" dynamically blends three IRs according to the strength of the picking.

Conventional general IR uses a single impulse response to capture the characteristics of the speaker cabinet. The new "Multi-layer IR" technology uses three impulse responses captured at different volumes (LOUD / MEDIUM / SOFT) and dynamically blends the three IRs according to the volume of the bass and the strength of the picking, creating a different level of fidelity and organic sound, responding just like a real cabinet. The three IRs are dynamically blended according to the volume and picking intensity of the bass.

The 3IRs are optimized for bass characteristics, providing a sharp attack and a clear low end.

11 preamp models (including 3 ZOOM original models)

82 bass effects, including modeling of famous boutique pedals

Inputs with impedance switch

Handy Guitar Lab for B2 FOUR" app for iOS allows users to obtain additional effects/preset patches and edit patch memories.

Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, and the order of connection can be freely rearranged.

300 effect patches can be stored in memory (for both factory and user use).

Cursor-type footswitches that can be operated with your feet while playing the bass

Lightweight, compact design fits in the pocket of a bass case

Looper function for recording phrases up to 60 seconds in length

68 rhythm patterns that can be played back in sync with the looper (rhythm machine function)

Output EQ for instantaneous adjustment of overall sound quality to suit the playing environment

AUX IN jack for connecting a music player or other device

Auto-save function that automatically saves effect settings and revert function that restores edits to patch recall or factory defaults

Tuner function for Low-B/Hi-C tuning

Headphone out

USB port for connection to Handy Guitar Lab, 2IN/2OUT audio interface, and firmware updates

Power: Included AC adapter (AD-16) or USB mobile battery

Dimensions: 146 x 249 x 72mm

Weight: 906g

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