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Zoom B6 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Processor Full-color LCD genuine New

Zoom B6 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Processor Full-color LCD genuine New

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Multi Effects Pedal for Bass

Main features of the B6

◎DI modeling function with 4 types of tones (2 tube types, 2 solid-state types) to choose from

◎Two inputs instantly switchable with a footswitch (also compatible with Piezo pickup input)

◎Newly developed analog input circuit with excellent low-frequency response and high-resolution digital processing with 88.2kHz sampling

◎ 11 standard amp models + 11 preamp models (including 3 newly developed ZOOM original models)

◎ 12 cabinet models plus 36 pre-installed IR data

◎Newly developed ZOOM original effects: 1 octaver + 2 bass synths

◎IR loader function that can load up to 2048 samples, 120 in total (36 presets + 84 users)

◎Up to 6 effects (including amp models) can be used simultaneously

◎240 effect patches can be stored in memory (both factory and user)

4.3" touch screen with swipe, drag and drop operation

Looper function for recording phrases up to 45 seconds in stereo (90 seconds in mono) and 68 rhythm pattern functions

2-in/2-out USB audio interface function

Send/return jacks for connecting your favorite external effects

Stereo AUX input jack for connecting a music player or other device

SD card slot for loading external IR data and extending/storing looper recording time

Guitar Lab" software for Mac and Windows for additional effects and patches

Handy Guitar Lab for B6" app for iPhone/iPad can be used with optional Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1)

Dimensions/Weight: 228 mm (D) x 418 mm (W) x 65 mm (H) / 1.89 kg

Accessories: AC adapter (AD-16)


Number of simultaneous effects: 6

Patch user area: 240

Sampling frequency: 88.2 KHz

A/D conversion: 24-bit 128x oversampling

D/A conversion: 24-bit 128x oversampling

Signal processing: 32-bit

Frequency response: 20 Hz ? 40 kHz ( + 0.5 dB - 0.5 dB) (with 10 kΩ load)

Display: 4.3" TFT color LCD (480 x 272 pixels)

Dimensions: 228 mm (D) x 418 mm (W) x 65 mm (H)

Weight: 1.89 kg

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