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Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Digital Mixer Best Offer! Authorized Dealer genuine New

Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Digital Mixer Best Offer! Authorized Dealer genuine New

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Digital Audio Mixer

8 mono channels + 2 stereo channels for a total of 12 inputs

High-quality microphone preamplifier with +60dB maximum input gain

48V phantom power supply (1-4 channels, 5-8 channels)

Hi-Z inputs (1-2 channels) for guitar, bass, and other instrument inputs

PAD switch for 26dB attenuation (3-8 channels)

Five monitor outputs for sending different mixes

3-band EQ (MID is semi-parametric)

16 send-return effects.

One knob type compressor on each mono channel

Scene memory function (up to 9 types)

60mm stroke channel faders

Highly visible 12-segment LED level meters

Multi-track recorder function

Simultaneous recording of up to 14 tracks and simultaneous playback of 12 tracks

Recording to SD card at up to 24bit/96kHz

Mixdown, overdubbing, and punch-in/out recording

Recording data can be exported to and imported from an external USB memory device

Built-in slate microphone for memo recording

Metronome with pre-count settings

Auto record triggered by input sound to start recording

Pre-record that can record backward by 2 seconds

Up to 99 markers can be registered for locating arbitrary positions.

Recorder playback/stop, punch-in/out, and built-in FX mute operations can be controlled with the optional footswitch (FS01)

USB audio interface function

Up to 14 input channels, up to 4 output channels

Up to 24bit/48kHz

USB 2.0 compatible (Mac, Windows)

Supports iOS devices in class compliant mode

(Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required separately)

Asynchronous transfer system not affected by computer jitter

16 types of send effects to choose from

Hall 1 & 2 (reverb)

Room 1 & 2 (reverb)

Plate (Reverb)

Church (Reverb)

DrumAmb (Reverb)

GateRev (Reverb)

Spring (Reverb)

Delay (Delay)

Analog (Delay)

P-P Dly (Delay)

Vocal 1-4 (Delay + Reverb)

Size (WxHxD): 445 x 282 x 70.5mm

Weight: 2.53kg

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