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ZOOM V6-SP Vocal Processor Looper Formant Octave Pitch Correct Pedal genuine New

ZOOM V6-SP Vocal Processor Looper Formant Octave Pitch Correct Pedal genuine New

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This is a new package from the existing "V6" model without the dedicated microphone. The main unit is the same as the V6, but it is a vocal effect pedal with pitch-correct, vocoder, harmony, and other effects, as well as a unique formant pedal. It can be used as a voice changer for live concerts as well as for distribution and podcasts.

Commercially available vocal microphones with XLR connections can be used, and ZOOM's super-directional vocal microphone (SGV-6), which minimizes unwanted "covering" on the live stage, remains available as a separate option.

Key Features

Live vocal processor that creates the latest vocal sounds in real time.

High-quality pitch correction with minimal delay for everything from natural pitch correction to EDM-style kero kero voices

12 voice functions including octave up/down, unison, talkbox, vocoder, robot, etc.

Harmony function automatically generates 3- and 5-degree harmonies according to the set key.

10 vocal effects including distortion, beatbox, telephone, reverb, chorus, delay, etc.

A formant pedal that allows you to change the character of the voice in real time by foot operation.

Three dedicated footswitches for combining voice, harmony, and effect functions in real time

40 ready-to-use vocal sound presets (up to 100 can be saved with original settings)

Looper function with UNDO/REDO for up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds for impromptu performances.

Compressor function for quick adjustment with a single knob to suppress volume fluctuations.

An enhancement function that clarifies the contours of the voice while reducing sibilance

XLR microphone input for phantom power supply to condenser microphones

XLR balanced output for direct connection to a PA mixer

Stereo mini headphone output with dedicated volume control

2-in/2-out USB audio interface

Three-and-a-half-hour operation on four AA alkaline batteries (can also be powered by the included AC adapter or USB power supply)

Super-directional vocal microphone (SGV-6) sold separately for more accurate pitch correction and harmony

Accessories: AC adapter (AD-16)

Dimensions: 181 mm (D) x 320 mm (W) x 77 mm (H) / Weight (main unit only): 1.56 kg

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