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ZYX R50-Bloom-EX MC Stereo Cartridge current product made in JAPAN New

ZYX R50-Bloom-EX MC Stereo Cartridge current product made in JAPAN New

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■World-first one-point ground system

To put it simply, an MC cartridge is a type of transducer in which a coil placed perpendicular to the lines of magnetic force rotates and vibrates due to the mechanical sound signal transmitted from the record, and a current proportional to the vibration speed is induced in the coil. You can say it's a converter. Therefore, it is essential for the magnetic flux density to always be uniform within the magnetic field where the coil is placed in order to reproduce faithfully to the original sound.

In the case of the currently popular MC type, the bobbin uses a magnetic material with high magnetic permeability and good high frequency characteristics. As a result, the output is 6 times higher than that of a non-magnetic bobbin, so the number of turns in the coil is reduced and the mass of the vibration system is lowered, making wide-band reproduction possible. However, it must be noted that by using a magnetic material bobbin, the magnetic field, which should be uniform, may be disturbed by the vibration of the bobbin, and the magnetic flux density may become uneven. This is because the two coils for stereo reproduction will result in left and right audio signals being generated within the disturbed magnetic field. The coils of the L-ch coil and the R-ch coil are arranged with the winding direction changed by 45 degrees to the left and right from the vertical axis, so the actual ground terminal positions of the two coils are at different positions separated by the length of the coil. It will happen. Due to this state, the left and right audio outputs are thought to be output as audio signals generated in two different disturbed magnetic fields. In order to completely eliminate this phenomenon, the ground terminal positions of the left and right outputs must be set within the same magnetic field. As a result, even within a disturbed magnetic field, the left and right coils will generate electricity within the same magnetic field conditions. ZYX has developed the world's first and only one-point ground dual output terminal system, completely solving this problem. This new system is adopted in all models of the Ultimate Exceed series at once.

The same quality left and right audio that is reproduced in the same magnetic field is a natural and clear sound that can be understood at first listen, and is exactly the true analog audio that we were looking for. For example, the intense and transient hitting sound that even feels like the tension of the drum's skin and the sense of localization are overwhelming. Everything sounds real.

■Black alumite hard aluminum alloy/cantilever

The aluminum cantilever can be made lightweight and rigid due to its pipe shape, and can produce smooth, natural sound reproduction without a metallic feel. R50-Bloom-EX is made from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium, and is treated with black alumite to make it even harder, enabling broadband playback.

■Cartridge body that enables real stereo

According to items 12 and 13, which are the conditions for real stereo mentioned above, the housing must be made of non-metal. When using metal materials, a configuration in which the induced current generated on the surface of the metal material forms a loop will have the worst effect on the sound quality of the cartridge output. R50-Bloom-EX uses high-hardness polycarbonate, which is also used for lenses. By combining two types of materials for the side walls, there is no vibration inherent to the body.

■Line contact needle with natural diamond

The regeneration needle of R50-Bloom-EX uses a pyramidal tatami line contact needle that can reproduce 40kHz. This line contact, which can only be manufactured by a certain company in Japan, can always have a radius of curvature of 6 microns on the surface that comes into contact with the record, which is related to high frequency reproduction ability. Even with such a sharp needle tip, the large radius is as large as 35 microns, providing an appropriate contact load.

Parallel natural diamonds are used so that the highest surface of the diamond crystal axis comes into contact with the record, resulting in excellent playback quality and significantly improved wear resistance. The lifespan is guaranteed to be 500 hours.

■High-speed response magnetic circuit

The main components of the magnetic circuit are a strong magnet and a pair of pure iron yokes, so eddy currents are generated in the magnetic circuit in response to the power generation signal. Eddy currents degrade the response of the reproduced signal, so the circuit must be configured to be unaffected by them. R50-Bloom-EX is constructed with a special magnetic circuit that enables simultaneous high-speed response of power generation signals.


Power generation method: Moving coil type

Output voltage: 0.24mV

Frequency characteristics: 10Hz-100kHz

Channel separation: >30dB/1kHz

Channel balance: <0.5dB1kHz

Used stylus pressure range: 1.7-2.5g

Proper stylus pressure: 2.0g

Internal impedance: 4Ω

Body weight: 5.0g

Power generation system: ZYX real stereo power generation system

Stylus: line contact

Cantilever: Black anodized MgAl alloy

Damper: Pure rubber

Generator coil: 6N crystal copper φ0.035mm

Magnet: Samarium Cobalt

Housing: polycarbonate

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